How Long Does the motorbike finance process take ?

Applyling for Motorbike finance is fast from start to finish, find out more!

Here at What Motorbike Finance we work quickly and efficiently to ensure you get your finance sorted without any hassle at all. Our professional team look at every application individually, and we don't just decline people because of their previous credit problems we look carefully at every persons individual circumstances.

Once you have been approved we then ask you to supply us with some documents, once these are received we will then be able to set your credit limit. You are then free to search around to find your perfect Motorbike to finance.

When you have found a motorbike just give us a call with the details of the dealerhip and bike & we do the rest for you. You then sign the paperwork & within a few hours the vehicle is yours to drive away! It is that simple.

What motorBike Can I get on finance ?

You can choose any Motorbike to finance as long as it is within your credit limit and it is not too old!

We finance pretty much any motorbike, from classics to speed bikes, if you are unsure about our criteria, please get in touch with us & a member of our team will explain everything you need to know!